Last week I got a question from a new resident of the ‘nabe. His question has to do with the Polonia Soccer Club on Morgan Avenue.

As someone relatively new to the neighborhood (4 months), I gotta say I love GPointers, read it every day.

I live on Morgan Ave at the intersection with Nassua in Granmpa (love the name, ha) down the street from the Polonia National Soccer Club. The club is a few buildings down from the Ready Set shop and is very ominous. The giant soccer ball on the outside signals its presence, yet it seems like some secret club or bar or something I don’t even know about. Whatever it is, this place is bumping at odd hours of the night, usually on weekends.

In my few months here I’ve seen a bunch of brawls pour from the club out into the street but never really thought much of it, just some drunk (very large) polish men fighting. But the other night (Friday the 15th) it was chaos. Cops, fire trucks, girls screaming, people running toward Nassau. My roommate and I headed out to see what the big deal was but couldn’t make anything of the situation. Anyway, any details on the Polonia national Soccer Club or the events surrounding it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Well after some online searching, I found the Polonia Soccer Club’s website which tells a little about their club setup inside.

The atmosphere of our club !!!

Magic lights, original interior creates an unique atmosphere. Modern and advanced sound system allows for full surround sound experience. Many sports events you can watch on big screen while enjoying your favorite beverage.

The club is specially designed to provide sense of sportsmanship and at the same time a night club like setup.

Stones and exposed brick is the design of the surrounding walls which are additionally beatified by lighing mounted at the bottom. In addition there is a flat screen tv mounted on the left side of the bar area to make sure you don’t miss a second of a televised event when you turn away from the big projector.

There is enough seats and tables for everyone to enjoy a good conversation and company. Polonia NY Soccer Club welcomes everyone who has an interest in soccer and would like to be involved. Other events besides soccer themed are also planned and will be reveled as appropriate.


Basically what it comes down to is this is a Polish hangout. It’s not a secret club and it’s a lot more stylish inside than I ever imagined. There are two kinds of places in Greenpoint where there are going to be fairly regular bar fights – places where locals hangout and Polish joints.

Neither of which is probably gonna make the news or the local blogs unless somewhere was actually there.

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