Ah the weeks just fly by now with nothing but monotony. I almost forgot what it was like to be a contributing member of society. I finally get my first paycheck this Friday which is already spent on rent and silly things like that. I can’t believe the next time I will be able to afford a night on the town will be mid September. Maybe it’s time to actually attend one of those myopenbar.com functions…

Lately the only buzz I’m getting is from these Blog Buzzes.

Kellogg’s Diner is coming along to a chrome-y goodness. I haven’t eaten in there since I was about 10 but I’m a sucker for disco fries, so I may have to stop in while they’re still shiny. – Gowanus Lounge

I made a tongue in cheek post the other day about “hipster fashion”. TopShop has a gallery of fashions taken from the McCarren Park Pool Parties for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure). I would like to say that I feel most of the outfits are positively adorable, but there’s always that one person… – TopShop

Speaking of the McCarren Pool Parties, JellyNYC is hoping to keep the hipsters on parade going even after the pool becomes, well, a pool again. They’re hosting a petition to bring the concerts to the proposed Bushwick Inlet Park. – Care2


This Saturday you can meet up at McCarren Park for Summer Streets. “For three consecutive Saturdays in August, the DOT will close streets connecting Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, including Park Avenue starting at 72nd. The streets will be car-free for six hours on three consecutive August Saturdays and available for people to sit, walk, ride, relax, dance, play and sing. The possibilities are endless!” – Transportation Alternatives

Real Worlders have been spotted at Royal Oak – or rather Royal Coke as locals have been calling it… – Gawker

Anytime has closed it’s ‘restaurant’ on the Northside but it’s delivery service is alive and kicking. And seems to have broadened a bit. Now you can even order online! – Anytime

Off topic but needs to mentioned nonetheless, the saxaphonist from my absolute favorite band of all time – Dave Matthews Band – has passed away. LeRoi Moore will be missed. – EW.com

Rockstars get evicted, too?! Krissy’s BFF and lead signer of semi-precious-weapons is getting da boot from his Java Street pad. But hey, at least they’re still fucking gorgeous. – Greenpointers

I don’t know how many of you watch Weeds, but I’ve been a fan since it first aired. And this season Hunter Parrish who play Silas, has bloomed into quite the hottie of my (pedaphillic) dreams. Seriously, it’s like when I was 12 and would cry over Kirk Cameron. Me and GG are even going to see him in Spring Awakening in a couple of weeks (yay for nudity in plays!). And he knows just how to treat a couger like me.

If you have never watched Weeds, I suggest you watch this little clip right here for just a taste of how fucking awesome it is.

Oh and P.S. – Thanks to Lisanne of Found In Brooklyn for the shoutout!

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