Thursday after work I had the pleasure of having a gingivectomy. Ooo fun! It wasn’t that bad really and I can see my wisdom teeth now. I feel smarter already.

Buzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Massey Knakal Realty Services sold 145 N. 7th St., a four-story property on the north side of North 7th Street between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue – a ten unit apartment building for 1.75 MILLION

Heart Handmade blog did a little write-up and interview with Franklin Street shop Jan & Aya. It’s actually a pretty good and in-depth interview on the business aspect of what it’s like running a small shop on the new ‘indie’ strip. – Heart Handmade

Speaking of Jan & Aya, artist Scully (of the Pulaski Bridge Blue Rectangles fame) is presenting Scully: Detaching, with Love at the shop. “Taking a serious crit to heart, Fashion Designer/ Color Maven/ Industrial Designer and Artist Scully decided it was time to let go of some of her favorite pieces: sketches, sculpture studies, happy accidents and abstract paintings alike to be sold at attractive prices ($20-150). Please come and join Carolyn and Scully, Saturday August 23rd from 1-8 P.M., have a glass of wine, a bit of cheese and walk home with some love dressed as an artwork. Will be on exhibit until September 1st… if it lasts that long!”

The Greenpoint based brothers who run the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck in Soho and the UWS are expanding their organic ice cream business to include Brooklyn. And they’ll also have their goods sold in Whole Foods and Murray’s Cheese Shop starting next month. If you can’t wait, you can check out Ben giving a class at Brooklyn Kitchen next week.

New Bar Alert! The Richardson opened last night! And it looks really cool.

Ah, Summer love in Greenpoint. “A fight over a woman at a popular Polish-American club ended in bloodshed when one would-be lover slashed another early on Aug. 9.” And my personal favorite, “A woman who brought home a stranger after meeting him at a Manhattan Avenue bar on Aug. 5, woke up the next morning to find her new lover gone — and thousands of dollars in electronics missing.” Yeah I brought home a guy from the Mark Bar once and thankfully all he did was pop my ghetto airbed. Lesson learned. – The Brooklyn Paper

More brilliance from the neighborhood kids who brought you The Chronicles of Greenpoint. This one is a trailer (yeah, they’re getting that involved!) for their new ‘feature’ To Live and Die in Greenpoint. I really, really like these crazy ass movies of theirs. And they’re getting *better*. – YouTube

I spotted this last week from Brooklyn Based (oh, how I love thee). It’s a live, interactive show called “Suspicious Package” on Metropolitan Ave. “Told via provided Zune Media Players, the story unfolds as audience members (four at a time) are guided through their roles with both aural and visual cues. Video flashbacks and narrative voiceovers fill in your backstory while maps of locations and your dialogue are displayed on screen. Part theatrical experience, part live video game, part Williamsburg walking tour, Suspicious Package immerses its audience within the gritty chiaroscuro world of film noir, where not everything is black and white.” Definitely something different to do… – Brooklyn Based

The Brooklyn Paper meets up with Dr. Jay Parkinson from that new Hello Health place. Which by the way, whose website now has a rotating photo spot of completely hipsteriffic patients. The doc calls himself a “chief imagineer“. Isn’t that what the Disney people call themselves? – The Brooklyn Paper

America’s Next Top Model returns soon and this time there are no Brooklynites among the bunch. In fact, there’s only one native New Yorker in the bunch. Nikeysha is from the boogie down Bronx. But overshadowing the entire show is the first transgender model in the mix. Isis is (was) a man, baby. Props to Isis since (s)he looks more like woman than Dominique did.

Finally, The Habitat (yes, one of my favorite spots for drinking and eating) is starting dessert specials! Home-made apple pie with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream is this weeks. Oh be-still my heart (and tummy).

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