Name – Julian and MaryKate
Pic taken – In front of God Bless Deli (Manhattan ave btwn Calyer/Noble)
Occupation – Photographer and Student/Writer
Where where you born? – New Mexico / Sleepy Hollow, NY
How long have you been in GP? – 2 years
Favorite restaurant/store/bar – Wasabi and Greenpoint Cafe for brunch.
Worst thing about GP – The pollution. The distance from Manhattan. The G train.
Best thing about GP – “The community; mix of locals. Its not trendy, they have great business owners and professionals. Love Lamb and Jaffey. The Fruit stands are great, the quality and prices of the produce. The neighborhood has a Euro-style where you have the meat market, fruit stands, bakeries etc.”
Funniest/oddest moment of the day – “This happened last week but on the bus we kissed, nothing dirty, just a clean kiss. Then an old lady on the bus bugged out and slammed her umbrella on the floor and yelled… PUBLIC BUS!”

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