It’s the last weekend for the 4 week Williamsburg Walks experiment so it’d be nice to check out a stroll down Bedford without cars for the last time this Summer. And for the record, the people watching along that route on a weekend afternoon is better than any comedy show you can imagine.

Via NAG:

Dear all–

This weekend brings us to the last Williamsburg Walks in our 4 week experiment. Last week started rainy and dreary, but after the sun came out so did everyone else!

Public Forum

After this Saturday, the next step will be the public forum! We are still finalizing location and dates, but will send an announcement once final. If we have confirmed everything by Saturday, the information will be available at the info tent.

The best way to show your support of the event is to attend the public forum and to send a detailed email to of your praise and
constructive criticism. Your feedback will be included in the End Report that
will have recommendations for future similar pedestrian events. As always, you
can also route feedback to us via emailing

Saturday Volunteers

The volunteer outpouring has been amazing thus far! We’ve run out of shirts, but will still have water, coffee & bagels for volunteers.

If anyone would like to volunteer for this Saturday, we’ll need the most help at set up and tear down times. Set up begins at 11am, tear down at 7pm. The early morning tasks will include putting up the barricades, setting up the tables & chairs and putting together the information tent. Find event coordinator Connie Colvin once in the area. This week the info tent will be set up on Bedford between North 7th and 8th.

For those arriving during the day, stop at the info tent to “check-in”. We’ll have volunteer duties for you ranging from drawing hopscotch on the street in chalk to moving tables to the shade to getting email addresses to update everyone of the public forum.

As important as volunteers, we are looking for people to enjoy the street space during Williamsburg Walks this upcoming Saturday. Williamsburg Walks is really what you make of it.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our sponsors, volunteers & everyone who has
supported this event. We could not have done it without you.

See you
Jason & Connie

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