I imagine you all know that I sell vintage clothing and accessories on Etsy for some time now. I’ve been selling vintage since 1999 and I’ve been wearing vintage since I was in junior high so feel free to keep the quasi-hipster jokes to yourself. I was doing this shit before some of those hipsters were old enough to even know what a Pabst Blue Ribbon was.

Anyhoo, I’m part of the Etsy Vintage Street Team which is a team of vintage sellers connecting from all over the world. A couple of months ago I suggested we have a team-wide summer sale and well, it seems the other members thought it was a good idea and now the EVST $12 and Under Sale has been born!

The sale starts today Friday 8/8/08 and runs through Sunday 8/17/08. It’s vintage clothing, accessories, home decor, housewares, toys and pretty much anything else vintage sellers can think of all for under $12!

Go now and search EVSTsale at Etsy for something buy! Or if you just want to see my items available in the sale click here.

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