Artist Ted Stanke is a reader of Greenpointers and last week he emailed me wondering if I could recommend a doctor in the neighborhood who would be able to stitch up his finger after he hurt it. Well, it turned out he *really* hurt it!

I’ve suffered a bit of an accident and will not be able to use my left
hand for some time. As an artist, you can well imagine what type of a setback
this poses for me. Two tendons were severed and required surgery to fix.
Fortunately, I received excellent care and will recover fully, but it will take

In order to keep me on my feet, the Greenpoint Gallery, at 361
McGuinness Blvd. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, will be hosting a one-night benefit
event on my birthday, Friday, August 8th. Trains are the 7 at Vernon Jackson or
the G at Greenpoint Ave. Buses are the B61 & the B43

The evening will begin at 7 pm with a reception for the current
artshow, which went up on the 4th of July, and is incredible, called “USA:






ASA RANSOM. totally new and addictive. They will be big— listen for

RELUCTANT MESSIAHS high energy jams, headed by Greenpoint Gallery’s
Shawn James
MORE live music will follow… and beverages will be available cheap… a
$10 donation is appreciated, or whatever you can afford.

See my blog page to learn more about me in past and future, or to make
an online donation via credit card…

Hope to see you next week, and bring all your friends, Ted

Help a brother out!

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