This woman was a trooper, she’d been working all day and was really sweet. Support your neighborhood business’… go visit The Habitat and The Black Rabbit!

Name – Ashley
Pic taken – The Habitat (
Occupation – Owner + Chef
Where where you born? – Shirley, Long Island
How long have you been in GP? – Working in GP for 4 months
Worst thing about GP – Needs to grow more. And there’s no fish market, it’s annoying!
Best thing about GP – “The people, the demographic is great. I fit here more than my own neighborhood.”
Funniest/oddest moment of the day – “It was a good day, no complaints.”

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  1. I finally went to Habitat last week (on your recommendation) and loved it!

    I wonder if Ashley knows about the Acme fish market on Meserole? I’ve never been, so I can’t vouch for it. But it is tucked away (close to Franklin).

  2. and topps supermarket has a surprisely good seafood section. and habitat is a very cool place, but was dissapointed at the cocktail selection and the food I tried, but I did only eat there once so I have to give it one more try before I give up on it.

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