Jeesh, who would have thought that a little rant on some bad service would’ve gotten such a ridiculous amount of attention. Why is it that when someone posts something negative, the anonymous crazies come out to play?

I love that I’m getting comments that attack me personally. Wow, a gap-toothed chick too old for ‘indie’ music? Shit, you left out four eyed, frizzy haired bitch!

Things like that do not phase me. An anonymous comment from someone who probably wouldn’t have the nerve to even shoot me a dirty look in public feels they are hurting me with a few typed words? Puhleeze.

In a possible karma fueled incident, Friday night was especially fucked up. Me and GG were watching the Mets game at Red Star, hanging with a couple of friends until we got way too drunk and while walking my sister home she proceeded to take me down in spill in front of Black Rabbit where I was lucky enough to get six stitches in my head for it. Pleasant.

But my point of the story is the people in front of Black Rabbit were AWESOME. They came over with napkins and water for the drunken wipeout lickety split. I have no idea who they were, but I definitely want to thank them all for helping me. Kathy from the bar then came out and took me inside, gave me ice and a band-aid and even had someone come take a look at it for me.


When I returned on Saturday afternoon to give back the rag they put the ice in for me, Kent was there. I wanted to just thank Kathy for the kindness and he said “No problem, that’s what neighbors are for”.

See now that’s a kick ass bartender.

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  1. Thank you, both! Yeah, it sucks but I’m over it. I’m thinking of telling people I got caught between a Blood and a Crip.

  2. Hey Justine,

    Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you’ve had a rough couple of days.

    And just disable anonymous comments–if people care to be jerks, they should at least have to provide an email address.

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