I checked out Animation Block Party last year at Automotive HS and I really enjoyed it. It’s happening again tonight and I think I might go again this year.

Some of the best, new, animated short films from around the world, co-presented by Animation Block.

Venue: On the lawn of Automotive High School
Address: 50 Bedford Ave, between N. 12th and Lorimer (Williamsburg Brooklyn)
Directions: L to Bedford Avenue OR G to Nassau Avenue
Rain: In the event of rain the show will be held indoors at the same location
8:00PM: Doors open
8:30PM: Sound Fix presents live music by Plushgun
9:00PM: Films
11:30PM – 1:00AM: Open Bar After Party at Matchless (557 Manhattan Avenue @ Driggs ) Courtesy of Radeberger beer
Tickets: $9 at going.com
See short films from this and other programs at www.IFC.com
Presented in partnership with: Animation Block, IFC.com, New York magazine, and Automotive High School

Some call it punk rock, some call it grass roots, but labels aside, NYC based Animation Block Party is dedicated to exhibiting the world’s best independent, professional and student animation. Since the premiere of the first official Animation Block Party film festival on September 9th 2004, Animation Block has received over 3500 animation submissions from all ends of the earth and screened many of the greatest animated shorts made anywhere. With a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, Animation Block Party programs are not merely screenings—they are exciting film events.

The 2008 Animation Block Party will run from July 25-27 starting with an opening night at Rooftop Films at Automotive High School, followed by two days of screenings at Bam Cinematek. The festival will feature more than 80 films, including premieres from the world’s top animators, newfound student works and the best professional and indie shorts of all genres.


Following the Rooftop screening on July 25th, all in attendance will have the opportunity to meet the filmmakers and festival organizers at the after party at Bar Matchless with beer courtesy of Radeberger. The full list of films will be available in July online at www.rooftopfilms.com

The Films

Intelligent Life: Michael Langan (1 min)
A “green” public service message from ABP and Michael Langan.

Kid Show: Tom Deslongchamp (2:45 min)
Watch children sing, dance, draw and jump.

The Adventures of Tommy T-Bone: David Icely (:45 seconds)
With the help of his toaster friend, Tommy avoids the chopping block.

Chef Barry: Chelsea Manifold (1 min)
Chef Barry is the ultimate cable-access guide to stoner cooking.

Lotions Eleven: Matt Lee (2 min)
The opening chapter of the popular Lotions series with all of today’s favorite Hollywood megastars.

Burnout: Alex Cormack (1:20 min)
Still images flicker into a crazed car chase.

Vincent Security: Ashley Holzwasser (1 min)
Old school guard, Vincent gives the “new guy” a tour of the office.

I Live In The Woods: Max Winston (3 min)
A woodsman’s manic journey and confrontation with America’s God.

Taxi Guy: Hubert Chan (2 min)
A day in the life of a city cab driver.

Roommates: Mike Hollingsworth (2 min)
Bennie confronts Matt about problems in the apartment.

Zombie Movie: Garrett K. and Taylor Armstrong (1 min)
A zombie decapitates everything in his path of destruction.

Bush Vs. Bin Laden: Darren Way (2 min)
G. W. Bush versus Osama Bin Laden in a stop-motion Western shootout!

PSA for Pedophiles: Luis Cerritos (1 min)
A warning to the world from Luis Cerritos and friends.

Lupo Dentro: Gabriele Diaferia (5 min)
A series of demented gags in a bizarre world inhabited by fairytale characters.

The Flower Colour Sound Cartoon: Phil Dubrovsky and Dale Hayward (2 min)
An epic tale of an optimistic flower.

Lunch Lady: Steve Stark (1 min)
Don’t mess with the Lunch Lady, ever.

Feast: Kerpely Adel, JiHyun Ahn (3 min)
A fat man keeps eating and eating. This is a story about the biter and the bitten.

Breakfast Outtake: Bob Fox (:30 seconds)
Greg and Christian don’t order the usual.

Magnetic Squirrel — Dog Dazed: Patrick Mallek (2 min)
The Magnetic Squirrel avoids various obstacles in route to his delicious nuts.

Puke Bug: Jeremie Duval (1:30 min)
That zany puke bug steals a penny from his nemesis, the non-puke bug.

Conflict Resolution: All Things Media (1:44 min)
Opie and Jimmy work out their differences the only way they know how.

Team Yo Shimbo: Chester Knebel and Will White (1:20 min)
The hard streets of the playground basketball to the most extreme.

A Letter to Colleen: London Squared (8:30 min)
Andy writes to Colleen in an attempt to put his 18th birthday demons to rest.

Cuddle Sticks: Mike Geiger (2:40 min)
A boy and his favorite popsicle-like snack work their magic.

Ziptoc: Vera Wing Lui (2 min)
A story about a little girl who loves to keep everything fresh.

Blindspot: Norah Solorzano (5 min)
A surreal film interprets the singular agonies of childhood and of being oneself.

BullHorn: Nathan Gooden (5 min)
A Western genre short, exploring of the beginning of hate and revenge.

Meet The American States: Tommy Cannon (2 min)
Introducing America.

Sudden Change: Preston Spurlock (2 min)
The wonders of the female menstrual cycle.

Tales for Cruel People: Hans Blume, Igor Buharov, Ivan Buharov (6:45 min)
Sad stories about happiness.

In The Beginning: Choom Lam (3:45 min)
A tale about how the universe began has a very unexpected end.

Elephant Girl: David Lobser (5 min)
Two sisters who are more than sisters.

Year of the Polygon: Tim Dormady, Zane Kozak, Yurie Rocha (2 min)
A rebel takes us on a tour of a conceptual E-space ‘Mega Excellent City’.

ABP Outro: Adam Ansorge

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