I have been visiting my parents since Thursday night and I’m not getting home until tomorrow but I just checked my email and I had a few messages about something crazy that went down in the wee hours of the morning on Huron Street. My friend sent me some deets:

Something really strange happened on Huron Street early Sunday (7/20) morning. Wondering if you’ve heard about this?

A neighbor I spoke to this morning who lives in the Belvedere luxury apartment said he heard about 10 shots fired early Sunday morning! He said the police were just responding to a 911 call when a dog ran out without a leash.

My husband totally saw a white sheet covering something with a brown tail sticking out. Someone made an effort to clean the sidewalk with bleach yesterday, but there is still a lot of blood and police tape on Huron Street on the sidewalk just past the south-east corner of Huron and Manhattan Ave.

I was Googling to find news about it and there are some interesting comments in this person’s twitter blog that suggest they were actually chasing someone – sounds more like a drug bust to me. I know that there was this young couple walking a brown pitbull and now wonder if actually someone in their house was getting arrested when this all happened. Their shades were closed this morning and I didn’t see the guy walking the dog with the girl to the B61 bus stop as usual. Would be very surprised if I see them with the dog – have a feeling it might have been them.


efortiz woken up by the Police, they’re chasing for someone in my backyard, there were numerous cops all over @Gothamist #Greenpoint 04:30 AM July 20, 2008 from Hahlo

efortiz @Gothamist NYPD made an arrest on Huron St in #Greenpoint. Police in riot gear were on the scene,they’re still out there 04:43 AM July 20, 2008 from Hahlo in reply to Gothamist

efortiz @Gothamist it seems someone was killed, there’s a white sheet in the ground. Huron St is blocked off, will try to get details from NYPD. 05:52 AM July 20, 2008 from Hahlo in reply to Gothamist

efortiz Huron St – top left corner shows something covered http://skitch.com/t/fim 06:00 AM July 20, 2008 from Skitch

efortiz @gothamist apparently the body is of a dog that attacked an officer and he shot it. Someone heard about 6-7 shots really fast. 07:02 AM July 20, 2008 from Hahlo in reply to Gothamist

I’m not int the hood and just using my little sisters laptop to post this, if anyone has any more info comment away.

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