Gothamist has this post on a body found at the pool this morning… No idea yet what’s going on.

Just in from the newswire, there’s a “suspicious death” being reported at McCarren Park Pool, allegedly at the building that serves as an entrance. The person was found “DOA by event staff” earlier this morning. Last night Twelve Ophelias, a play centered around Hamlet’s Ophelia coming back to life, was staged there; the night before there was a screening of The Virgin Suicides. All in all, a dark week for McCarren. Thus far, multiple calls to the Precinct have gone unanswered.

If anyone knows or sees anything – chime in.

Update @ 3:00pm : 7online has some additional info.


Authorities say the gruesome discovery was made just before 10 a.m. at the McCarren Park Pool on Lorimer Avenue between Bayard Street and Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg.

Parks workers told police a foul odor had been coming from a shed at the pool for months. The workers reportedly found the body when they went to the shed to retrieve some equipment.

It is not known precisely how long the body had been inside the shed. The area is said to be frequented by homeless people.

So far, there is no identification of victim. Police do not even know the race or sex.

The medical examiner will determine the cause of death.

So far it’s seeming like it’s more than likely a homeless person who got into the shed and died. Awhile ago… Pretty nasty considering there have been tons of events at the Pool this Summer. How long could that body have been there?

Update @ 4:00pm: I uploaded a video of what NY1 has to say on it.

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