I have been deathly ill for the past week. Sick as a dog. I still don’t even feel that great. Some sort of Summer cold or flu that is kicking my ass. I haven’t done a damn thing this entire week and other than the cute boy I met two weekends ago who texted me to feel better last night – I’ve been pretty much cut off from civilization.

However, tonight I’m gonna catch some dinner with a friend and this weekend I will spend at the ‘rents in Jersey just so I’m no tempted to go out and party and wind up sicker than I am now.
I’m thinking of checking out somewhere in Billyburg I haven’t been yet and well with those places changes names and opening and closing every other week – it ain’t really that hard.

But on to the Blog Buzz…

Even though The Real World Brooklyn isn’t heading to Williamsburg, the rumor is that it’s not definitely heading to Downtown Brooklyn either. Possibly a Carroll Gardens backup plan? But in the event that they do wind up at BellTel Lofts, Shecky’s has the dirt on where you’ll likely be able to stalk them. Update: Looks like the latest rumor has them going to Red Hook. The Brooklyn Paper has some more info on the fallout of the BellTel deal. Who knows? By the time filming starts those little bastards might actually wind up in Wburg after all. 😉 – Filming In Brooklyn, Shecky’s, Brownstoner, Curbed & The Brooklyn Paper

Speaking of the reality television world living amongst us, Urbanite has been scoping out all the Bravo TV show cast members who’ve made the move to the ‘Burg. I don’t care what a loser I sound like, I totally want to spy Christian Siriano somewhere in the ‘Point. – Urbanite


And keeping with the trend, Top Chef coming to Williamsburg seems more and more likely. They’re gonna have to make a reality show about all the reality shows going on in Brooklyn. – Eater

Brooklyn Label’s been getting some really bad flack since Cody Utzman left the joint and the hits just keep on coming. One blogger even found a wingnut buried in his French Fries! – Mike Eats Greenpoint!

Being that I was sick since last week, I missed the Breeders doing the McCarren Pool Party thing and the opening of Angel Street Thrift Shop. Brooklyn Vegan & Racked

Lady Lorimer gives us a little taste of the new restaurant we’ve been waiting for in the NaBedLo triangle. “I’ve been peeking in when they have been working on the space and they have put in a really cool half moon-shaped counter ala Diamond Bar.” and Chowhounders got a little something to share, too. I’ve been keeping an eye on this space and I’m still kinda curious who the ‘silent partner’ is. – Greenpointers & Chowhound

Record breaking opening and closing on Manhattan Avenue in the old Shanghai Lee restaurant. The short-lived Little Korea closed a mere four months after it opened. Now sporting a new awning with Le Brique, me thinks a French Bistro is coming to town. – Eater

Cause I’ve been sick, I’ve missed most of The Feast and I doubt I’ll get around to hitting it unless I go tonight after dinner. The Giglio was lifted on Sunday but the dance of the Giglio is tonight and again on Sunday afternoon. – Gothamist

Tonight is the inagural meeting of the Greenpoint Supper Club . Now I have no idea really what it is but just from this description, “At these in-home potluck gatherings neighbors get to know each other while sharing their skills, ideas and interests in urban sustainability. Neighbors are encouraged to include fresh, local ingredients in their dishes, and bring recipes to share!” I know I don’t want to go. But someone who can actually cook might. – Green Brooklyn

There was a time I would totally buy this and love it. But now I would just look like every other hipster transplant from on of the Dakotas. Which sucks cause I really like it. – Brooklyn Novelty

The city Landmarks Preservation Commission has OK’d the conversion of St Elias Church on Kent Street into condos. St. Elias is a beautiful church and has always been one of the highlights of Kent. I’m happy to see it’s going to be used again and since it’s a landmark will retain it’s beauty. They’re removing the cross, but I can’t say that I blame them. – Brooklyn Paper

Epic rezoning helps drive Williamsburg-Greenpoint prices to unnatural highs. What a shocker. – New York Observer

A resident Greenpointer was struck and killed the other day on Nassau and McGuinness when a van careened into the opposite traffic lane and mowed her down. A damn shame. – NYDN

MetroMix does a rundown of the bars around McCarren Park. This will now be your next Pub Crawl map. – Metromix

Speaking of Pub Crawls, Saturday is Big Jock’s 4th Semi Annual New York Dive Bar Tour and starting at Rosemary’s (Greenpoint) Tavern at 3pm. Hitting Turkey’s Nest, Charleston, Cyn Lounge, and my favorite bartender Tracy’s joint Duff’s before heading into the city.

Lastly, a truly epic eBay find! A lot of over 200 photographs from the archives of the Greenpoint Record. Mostly black and white prints from the 70’s & 80’s, this is a fantastic treasure trove! If this Greenpointer wasn’t out of work you can bet I would be putting in a hefty bid to get these beauties. I know there has to be people me and my family know in there. Plus there might even be pictures of my actual relatives in that mountain of history. This is something that a native should own- bid away Pernters!

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  1. Hi,

    I won this auction. I collect all things Greenpoint. Send me an e-mail jmo818@yahoo.com. I eventually plan on scanning them along with all of my other photos. If you have any old pics from the area, I’d definitley be interested.

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