Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in…

Gothamist reported the decapitation of the fair lady on Noble sometime over the July 4th weekend. She had a short, tragic life. First she was beautiful and full of color and life. Then she was silenced of her color and left to live a cloudy gray existence. But before long a ray of hope (or a sharpie) shone through to bring her back. Until her recent demise.

But there is a little bit of good news to be had. The Birthday Girl’s upper half has been saved by one of our own. Bitch*Cakes (who bears a sneaking resemblance to the rendering in question) reached out to the artist Olympia to return the lass to her creator.

So just a few minutes ago, I was bicycling down Franklin and wanted to pay my respects to birthday girl. But what I found was very sad. She had been severed at the torso! and her upper half was propped up against her lower half- which was still attached to the pole. I took a photo for you, but then decided I just couldn’t leave her there. I’ve grown too attached to her and didn’t want any further harm to come to her. So I brought her home. She’s here now, if you want anyone to pick her up- let me know. I’ll gladly hand her over.

But alas, he’s satisfied with the real deal.

Thanks for your support of the Birthday Girl. It’s too bad what happened, but I expected it sooner or later. She’s yours to do with as you wish, now.

Miss Bitch*Cakes is still holding on to the Birthday Girl and if any of her friends would like to save her as their own, her offer still stands – come and get her.


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  1. so sad, on my way over to diamond bar yesteday i noticed the torso and meant to go right home and comment, of course after quite a few beers the thought escaped my mind until reading this post.
    whats with the vandalism guys?

  2. I wonder how long she had been in half like that. It’s a good thing I passed by at that moment or who knows what other mean spirited shenanigans would have ensued. It wasn’t easy walking home my bike with one hand while carrying her with my other hand, but I felt like I did the right thing.

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