New brick oven pizza joint is coming to Billyburg next month. “The new pizzeria will be called Fornaccio. The name derives from the fact that Bertolotti happened up an old house with a hundred-year-old oven that he’s been restoring, along with the rest of the place. Fornaccio will make Neapolitan-style pizzas there, and the oven will be wood-fired.” – via Slice

I can’t even believe Kellogg’s Diner is back – in chrome! My grandfather lived on Union when I was a kid and I spent nearly every Friday night I can remember in Kellogg’s from like two to ten years old. – via Bottomless Dish

Birthday Girl has been decapitated. 🙁 – via Gothamist

Yesterday kicked off the SummerScreen series at McCarren Pool with the Williamsburg Block Party. Me and some friends went and I gotta say, it was a little disappointing. There really wasn’t much to choose from but it was nice to see Brooklyn Brewery stocked with Summer Ale and Blue Marble Ice Cream. The event opened late and I’m really glad I ate before I got there. It looked really rushed together and unfinished. But the music was fantastic. All in all as an event it was ok for the first ‘annual’ that is probably only gonna happen once since the pool is gonna be a pool next year, right? Update: Although now I’m pissed I missed Paul Rudd.

Bitch*Cakes emailed me this pic showing that Little Korea has closed. I really should have put a deathwatch on that place a la Eater-style because that was just so obviously gonna happen. Especially after this scathing Chowhounders’ review.


Speaking of Asian places on The Ave, I spotted work going on what has been rumored to be a Sakura VI since what? December?

SummerStarz 2008 kicks off tonight in McCarren Park on the Beford/Lorimer/Driggs lawn with Polish Night – 6 pm Children’s Hour with Town Square’s Music Partners – 7.30 pm Live Music with the Polish American Folk Dance Company – Sunset Movie with Pan Tadeusz – via Greenpoint Gazette – Update: Canceled due to impending thunderstorms tonight.

A world renowned street artist visits little ol’ Greenpoint and tears it up. – via And I Am Not Lying

My favorite neighborhood Mexican beer garden Papacito’s has now got a blog where you can spot all the reviews and gossip about the place. You can also peek at their menu, hours and a few pics. It’s all good – trust me! So when’s the delivery starting Cody? 😉

New York Magazine has a write-up on Radegast Hall & Biergarten which I still have not tried out. I’ve been wanting to get over there since the place opened but the fact that I hate German food has stopped me. But I love beer so much more that I need to just get over there.

Williamsburg Walks is looking for volunteers this Summer. Also this Saturday July 12th is the Get Green In Greenpoint, a street tree care community event that will have you aerating soil, weeding tree pits, mulching and watering trees on Manhattan Avenue from 10am-2pm. To register email Mallory.Mahoney [at] [dot] gov and meet at Milton Street Park (American Playground). And if you’re really up to being the time-giving type, Williamsburg Is Dead has even more opportunities for you to be a good person.

Perez Hilton is a fan of Greenpoint glam rock band Semi Precious Weapons. They’re playing Europa at the end of the month and with a first line of “I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous.” for their self-titled song, what’s not to like, really?

Apparently Greenpoint has their own little radio station? Tiger Radio 89.3 bills themselves as “Broadcasting live from seven miles below the East River. We air what we want, when we want it and how we wanthiwehit.” Whatever that means. I don’t even own a radio so if anyone has listened to this – what’s deal?

Hayden-Harnet is having a Big Bang Sale which has been extended to July 12th. With their headquarters right on Franklin Street, I’m sure there are some goodies to be found.

This week also saw Lady Lorimer kick it here on the Greenpointers blog with a couple of posts. She’s got a few comments on her t.b.d. post disagreeing with her take on the joint but I gotta admit, I agree with her. The joint just does not do it for me, either. But thankfully, there are many, many other places that do so I’m fine with giving that one commenter the “more room” for him.

Finally, two very cool eBay finds this week. First, impress your friends with your uncanny knowledge of John Ericsson and The Monitor with Yankee From Sweden. This is perfect for those summer book reports where you have to suck up to next years teacher.

Or, hang a bit of The Point on your wall with this original oil painting of Manhattan Avenue by Walter Lynn Mosely.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Papacito’s beer garden. But if I’m going out for Mexican food, Acapulco (on Manhattan and Clay)is still top on my list. I really hope they don’t lose much buisness to the new kid on the block.

  2. I’m with both of you on the Acapulco (dare I say the best Mexican I have had in the whole city), but I am really excited to try Papacito’s…they have three types of vegetarian meat which is totes a plus for me.

    The sign on the door led me to believe that Little Korea was remodeling, or still open or something (even though it does look closed)…but not sure…if it is still up when I walk by I will post what it says.

  3. Hmmm, I haven’t gotten down there myself to see what/if there’s a sign on Little Korea’s door and what it says. If you see anything, definitely let us know.

    Yeah, I’m pretty obsessed with Acapulco’s guacamole. I might have to agree it’s the best I’ve had in the city as well. I don’t think they have anything to worry about with competition.

  4. The little sign on Little Korea’s door says

    “Please Use Other Door, Thank you, Little Korea”

    And then there is an arrow pointing to the other door.

    I didn’t try to go in or anything, but that is why I didn’t think they were totally closed.

  5. OMG I loooooove that painting, must check ebay out now!

    I was in your hood after Ronnie Spector last sunday and I trolled down Manhattan Avenue, didn’t hit any bars, i actually went FOOD & 99cent store shopping as my neighborhood has neither these days since its gone almost completely yuppie (the part that isnt is italian and closes early on sunday) & I got me some perogies too!

    do you REALLY think that will be a pool next year? I have my doubts, there is A LOT of work to be done…anyway i love your blog buzz!

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