It will never cease to annoy me that magically McCarren Park is in Williamsburg now. Actually wait, no it’s not but fuck shit like a map, right?

Tomorrow night is the Williamsburg Block Party in McCarren Park. The first-ever event starts 4 pm – on Tuesday (lucky for them hipsters with trust funds don’t have to work!), with food & drinks from some of my favorite places like Fette Sau, Marlow & Sons, Teddy’s (My pops old stomping grounds and where I had my 21st birthday – gotta love Teddy’s for actually being there longer than any of the other bars.) & Greenpoint Coffee House to name a few. Although I have no desire to see “Wet Hot American Summer” at sunset, I’m going anyway just cause of all the other cool shit.

This will pretty much be it for me posting today. The 4th of July weekend was insane. Insanely good. In fact, last week from Sunday to Saturday was pretty damn good. But today, my body feels like it’s been run over by a mack truck. Time to recuperate.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. The event’s billed as a “block” party, but shouldn’t it be a “pool” party? Regardless, I’ll be in attendance with some friends. Perhaps we’ll bump into one another!

  2. I’m not sure if my legs can take the seven minute walk to that big park in Greenpoint.. I mean Williamsburg. Maybe

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