I got a good question from one of my readers this morning about where the best spots are to check out the fireworks from Greenpoint. Now being a long time Greenpointer everyone knows the best spot is a roof party. Which is usually where I find myself if I’m lucky enough. But what if you don’t have access to your roof and no friends who do? Where’s the best spot to scope out the show from below?

I just moved to Greenpoint in January, but I actually did watch 4th of July fireworks from Greenpoint about 5 years ago – I just can’t remember where exactly we were in Greenpoint. And I’m a HUGE nerd for 4th of July fireworks and now I actually live in this great neighborhood, so I need to know what the best spots are for 4th of July fireworks viewing and how early you think we need to get there to grab a piece of pavement big enough for 6 or 7 friends.

I personally think anywhere on the piers would be good. We used to go there back in the day or on the Alamo rooftop (though it’s now half burned down and probably condemned). I’d appreciate any input from readers on the best spot to see the ‘works in Greenpoint this year.

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  1. the polanski bridge… on anyone’s rooftop.. can eat drink at paloma and then step outside.. chill out at around ash/box st park with chairs..etc.

    happy 4th!

  2. Anywhere on the piers is nice if you want to grab some ground, but I think a roof top is always preferable. You can always go down to the end of Franklin, where it meets Ash and check out a spot there. I personally like it down there, its a little quieter and there is a cute playground. I have been meaning to check out the LIC Water Taxi Beach for the fourth, which is a little out of the neighborhood, but might also be an adventure!


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