Galapagos is now Public Assembly with a new website and calendar but I wonder if someone won that contest or if they just did that for publicity. – Gothamist

There’s a cool, fairly new space next to Coco 68 called Alphabeta (see pic). “Alpha*Beta is a store/gallery/venue space. Located at 70 Greenpoint Avenue in Greenpoint Brooklyn.” Checking it out last week it seemed to be kinda graffiti inspired which is pretty hot. Some cool gear, kicks and art.

Speaking of new joints in the nabe, The Times includes Kill Devil Hill on it’s list of six top new stores. – The Moment, Boutique Beat

The New York Times also whips out some of their old reviews to make a Greenpoint compilation. I mean, really, you’re whipping out reviews from 2002?! – NYTimes

Looks like my teenage crush Andrew McCarthy (or Blaine as I prefer to call him) was back in Greenpoint filming Lipstick Jungle last week. – Filming In Brooklyn

Green Point Meets Greenpoint on YouTube. – via Brooklynometry


More Cine Noir Film Society at Milton Street Park (or American Playground as it’s apparently named) continues through August with titles like The Touchables and Yellow Submarine. Time to whip out the hippie hallucinogens, ‘Pointers! – via Musings of an Irate Commuter

The Brooklyn Paper features an article on Cheap Beer and Goodman’s makes the list with their $1.5 mug o’ Bud. Or The Palace Cafe as they call it. – The Brooklyn Paper

Former Greenpointer and my girl Impolite Brooklynite finds Peter Pan featured on NYC Donut Report. Maybe I should change the scope of this blog. I could totally stand to eat donuts all over the borough and report about that! – via Impolite Brooklynite

Madonna’s hanging in Williamsburg? “First, according to a source, she works out at home. Then, at 2:15 each afternoon, Madonna leaves for a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she and members of the tour practice numbers.” – via Your Celebrity Source

Someone on the Brooklynian boards mentions some info on the Bodega fire the other night. “So I went up to him to express my sympathy and ask what had happened. He said at 4:30 in the morning he was about to go home when he saw flames on top of a refrigerator. It spread very fast, and the firemen weren’t able to stop the destruction. He also told me that they had insurance and that he will really miss his customers, but that he hopes to be able to re-open in a month or month and a half. ” – Brooklynian

Ralph Carrano, original publisher and co-founder of the Greenpoint Gazette, died Wednesday, June 18 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. – The Greenpoint Gazette

That “For Rent” bar I spied in May has applied for a liquor license under the name “Howard Hunt” at 916 Manhattan Avenue. I wonder if that’s the dude’s name or if it’s a tongue in cheek and the bar will be a conspiracy theorists watering hole.

Another interesting applicant was for a place called MYBKNY at 168 North 14th Street . They’re applying for a new liquor license and cabaret license, which means dancing might be coming right down the block from The Gutter.

And then a couple of weeks I saw a couple of guys in suits with cameras and clipboards (clipboards are totally official!) in front of 160 Franklin Street which is that place on the corner of Kent that has people living in the catty corner storefront of a grocery store that hasn’t been open in years (see below). Turns out they’re looking for a liquor license under the name River Barrell Inc. Might be a new restaurant/bar?

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I love the idea of a couple of new watering holes. I seriously cannot get enough.

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  1. public assembly? boring. my idea was The Clawed Frog with african clawed frogs in that pond thing they have. and clawed frogs are totally badass. tiny monsters.

    oh well. i’d only been to galapagos a handful of times and i doubt that’s going to change now.

  2. Thanks for the update on the bodega fire on greenpoint ave, as I was going to work at 530 on Saturday morning I noticed a heck load of fire trucks and people standing in the street at the intersection of greenpoint and manhattan. I had not heard any updates, only smelled the char scent on my way down “the avenue”.

    I would just like to point out Im sick of all of the filming including Lipstick Jungle, sorry. Im sick of seeing the film crews up and down Milton and Franklyn infringing upon my personal space drinking beer in the middle of the afternoon, ok maybe im just jealous but I like to be able to park my car outside my house in peace.

  3. WOW! So much information, thanks Justine!

    As for the graffiti store- I had passed it a few times at night when it was closed, I thought it looked like a skateboard shop. But there was actually an article in the AM New York today about the guy, and the store. However, they didn’t give the address- so thanks for clearing that up!

  4. Sommer – Peter Pan is tha bomb! lol

    Al Loof – I agree, Public Assembly *is* boring. But The Clawed Frog is scary…

    Rutila – It’ll always be Goodman’s to any native!

    Jennifer – I got ya on the filming. If I still drove I would be highly annoyed about the parking situation when they come to town.

    Bitch*Cakes – I saw that in AMNY! I can’t believe local officials are against it.

  5. On the Madonna story, according to my “inside information” the Williamsburg reference is inaccurate. I have a friend who is working on the tour and has told me that Madonna and her dance crew are rehearsing every day at Steiner Studios.

  6. Ah, thanks Jay!

    It’s probably that the blogger not exactly knowing Brooklyn since Steiner Studios is in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They might’ve assumed that was Williamsburg…

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