Tomorrow night is that Mizz Greenpoint thing at East Coast Aliens. I am curious to see just how bad it is, but I think I’ll instead save my $20 for something more useful. – Brooklyn Glamour

Like maybe I’ll take three friends with me to the totally awesome 2nd Annual UnFancy Food Show on Sunday 6/29 (It’s only a $5 donation!). Me and the sister are absolutely checking it out. And I’m ridiculously excited they’re having my SixPoint there. – Brooklyn Based

The Domino Sugar sign is staying put. The “revisions — approved yesterday by the Landmarks Preservation Commission — have found a spot for it atop the roof of the refinery building it’s preserving that will be flanked by new towers.” That rocks. – Metro

The 126 perv might’ve touched girls “as young as 11 years old”! I forgot that 126 changed from being 7th through 9th grade to being 6th through 8th… That one year can make a big difference maturity-wise. Eleven year old girls are BABIES! The article also mentions that “The DA’s office will also look into possible criminal charges against Williams.” Good. –

Speaking of crime, the Brooklyn Paper thinks they’re mighty witty with their crime in Greenpoint “Gunpoint” Brooklyn report. Come on, you’re scaring the hobbit hipsters. – Brooklyn Paper & Williamsburg Is Dead


Billyburg may have lost the Brooklyn Real Worlders to Downtown Brooklyn, but we gained Top Cheftestants! – Grub Street

Oh and how did I miss that Christian Siriano and his hot tranny mess self moved to Williamsburg?! – The NY Sun

My favorite Williamsburger is now writing tasty reports at Bottomless Dish. – Citysearch

The Triple Five Soul and Vespa tenants have finally moved in to 33 Nassau Ave. Rumor has it they’re trying to court a supermarket for the ground level. Can anyone say Trader Joes and two buck chucks? Ok, that’s probably just a wet dream but ya never know… – Brownstoner

Regina Spektor is coming to McCarren Pool August 15th and a huge ass music shopping experience will be at Warsaw on Sunday. – Brooklyn Vegan

Here’s the scoop on the secret Modest Mouse show last week that I am still kicking myself for not going to. Sleep is totally overrrated and I heard they played old shit. FUCK! – New York Press

The Greenpoint Star has a story on all that new fangled cycling stuff going on in the hood. Like bike lanes, racks and parking areas. – Greenpoint Star

The Diamond Bar gets the Critical Review treatment. “Besides amazing beer, and a beautiful bar they have a killer jukebox.” Sounds like two thumbs up to me. – Critical Reviews

Ever see those cool blue rectangle things on the chain link fence over the Pulaski Bridge and wonder who’s doing them? Now you know. – Scully New York

Not one, but two pretty little Greenpoint postcards on the ‘Bay this week. Lorimer Street view from 1913 and Eastern LI Hosptial (Anyone know where this was? Is this the old Greenpoint Hospital?) – eBay

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