I am unbelievably annoyed at the fact that someone defaced pretty little Stella’s Best Birthday Present Ever. Since said chick used to live in my apartment before me, I feel a kinship with her! You messed with me a little bit, too. Not just some art project that was featured on Gawker.

And then on Saturday morning another thing pissed me me off. The new wine place across the street from me was vandalized. Someone threw something through one of their windows late Friday night or early Saturday morning. My sister and I spoke to the little old ladies that live next door and they were very sad to see that happen and said the woman who owns it, is “a real sweet girl”. Now in my opinion if two little old ladies who’ve probably been here their whole lives feel that the owner is ‘a real sweet girl’ then as far as I’m concerned she’s probably the sweetest.

And then just a few weeks ago the laundromat had one of their really cool vintage glass windows smashed. What kind of jerkoffs do shit like this?

I’m hoping none of these are related but the one that bothers me the most is the defacing of Stella’s birthday present. The “Stay In Connecticut” sticker pasted over her eyes suggests it’s a local, which saddens me even more. What harm was it doing there? The only possible thing I can think of that would piss off a local would maybe be drunken folks stopping to take pictures and maybe being a little loud and rambunctious on the quiet street corner where it was placed. But even still, that was way harsh to do to such a pretty lady. And after a few weeks the novelty of it would’ve worn off and all that would’ve been left was a cute girl in her popped collar.

At least some folks got to take their pic with the girl on Noble including a couple of my favorite Greenpoint bloggers pretty little Miss Bitch*Cakes of Musings of an Irate Commuter and the lovely Tara of This Blog Needs a Name!


I hope all this BS around Franklin Street is not the work of any locals cause then I would be ashamed for my ‘hood.

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  1. I was upset to see her “makeover” too. As for the degenerates that broke those windows – there is no excuse for that crap. What kind of low life piece of shit destroys or defaces someone’s property (or art)? I’m disturbed by all of it.

    PS thanks for the shout out though 🙂

  2. that wasn’t a local. a local would just have ignored it. that was definitely the work of someone not from here and insecure about not being from here. hipsters, continually pining for relevance and authenticity, since they have none of their own, are always unnerved by genuine emotion.

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