Every poor alcoholics favorite mailing list – myopenbar.com is throwing an “Emergency Party” in Greenpoint. What the emergency, you ask? You’re sober!

Emergency Party, Wednesday, June 25th

Myopenbar here starting your week off with a last-minute tip about a party at our friend Joey’s beautiful loft on Wednesday. It’s in Greenpoint – if you were at our New Year’s Eve party with Yeasayer or that No Age/Deerhunter show where the YYYs showed up, you know the place.

There’s some bands and a flyer – all the regular party shit – and we stress the words “regular” and “shit.” But it’s also an all-night open bar offering Newcastle and Sparks. There’s a $10 cover, but, if you RSVP through Myopenbar, Joey, an upstanding citizen since his release, has generously agreed not to charge you. Now all you need to do is learn to embrace the G train. 21+ only, please.


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