A couple of weeks ago I went to go have lunch at the Williamsburg Cafe and to my surprise the joint was closed. Turns out it’s going to be under new management. Sunny Bang (yes, that’s his name) is the one who’ll be heading up the joint and will be opening July 4th weekend. – Grub Street

You too can afford your very own prison cell off the Bedford L! – The New York Observer

The Summer is here and the weekends are just going to be chock full of shit to do. I am going to try my best and keep up with everything but hey, you know I’m not very reliable. I’m going to have to work out some sort of calendar thing but we’ll see if I wind up doing that either… In the meantime here’s some shit going on this weekend.

Friday night, Jason and the Argonauts is playing at Milton Street Park or as its apparently really named – “The American Playground”. Seriously? That’s the name of it? All I know is it’s where I used to drink 40’s and puff blunts when I was a teenager. – Cinenoir

Every Saturday night Red Star has KTU’s DJ Chris Deza spinning your requests (yeah, you know you wanna hear old school freestyle, don’t fight it!) starting at 10pm. Plus, it’s sponsored by Heineken which means meeting the “Heineken Girls” and drinking free Heineken Light from 10 – Midnight. – Red Star


And this Sunday you can bake something for Barack. It’s a bake sale at McCarren Park for the presidential candidate. And Tara’s bringing her “world-famous chocolate peanut-butter cupcakes”. Mmmm! – This Blog Needs a Name

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