Last week I learned from Cody that our new neighborhood Mexican beer garden Papacito’s was going to be taking over the space of the Ton Kao II restaurant this week. Of course because I am a lazy blogger I got scooped by Eater. But c’est la vie.

I noticed is there are bike racks popping up around my crib. I spotted a few new ones on Java off Franklin for the Astralites. I also saw a couple along Franklin Street. Seems like Miss Toro has got that bike parking stuff at the top of her list. Be sure to swing by the Greenpoint / Williamsburg Bike Forum tomorrow night to say thanks. Gotta love my BlackBerry phone picture walking home drunk the other night, huh?

This weekend is also the After The Jump Fest at Galapagos and The Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday. Chock full of musicians I’ve never heard of…

And speaking of musicians I’ve never heard of, PS1 announces it’s Warm Up 2008 lineup starting July 5th and running through September 6th. – via Rythymism

Ikea in Redhook is opening tomorrow and apparently people are camping out for free cheap furniture. Really? –


And lastly, eBay’s got this nice vintage postcard depicting Milton Street circa 1909.

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  1. I apologize if you covered this, but have you seen ALL the improvements in Greenpoint as of the last month or so?

    1) New bus shelter on Manhattan Ave @ Greenpoint Ave
    2) Greenpoint Ave repaved
    3) Bike lane on Greenpoint Ave
    4) Bike lane on Leonard St
    5) Fancy new street signs at every traffic light along McGuinness Blvd all the way into Long Island City (like on the west coast- they are larger and easier for drivers to read than traditional corner signs)

    and now these additional bike parking structures? What have we done to deserve all of this???

  2. The news about Papacito’s is good for those of us who just want to hang in the beer garden — so don’t care whether they have indoor dining space or not — because it’ll mean the rest rooms are easier to get to. Now you go out and walk around to corner to either the laundromat or Ton Kao.

    I’m sure if I go back there again with a friend on crutches that will be appreciated.

  3. As far as the bike racks go, that’d be me (the aforementioned Ms Toro of Brooklyn Community Board #1)… I just can’t stand seeing bikes chained to trees, so I’ve been pushing NYC DOT to fast-track bike racks for Greenpoint (& Williamsburg).

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