Remember when the chick who used live in my exact apartment contacted me? That was so crazy that we just had to become friends!

Well for Little Miss Stella’s birthday her boyfriend shot me an email about the most creative and coolest gift ever for his lady.

I’m the boyfriend of your fellow blogger Stella Kevlar, of superherosewingcircle and the girl who used to live in your apartment. you know the one. I’m also a graf/street artist. I need to ask a favor. arija moved to Connecticut from Greenpoint last year. She misses it terribly, and constantly pines for the days spent with friends in the neighborhood. For her birthday this year, I have installed a life-sized image of the Stella at Franklin Ave and Noble Street. I am asking anyone who can to go there and photograph themselves with the Birthday Girl, and then, email or pix message the photo to birthdaygirl08 [at] gmail [dot] com. Soon she will have an entire album of images of herself and many, many friends partying in Greenpoint! I will also be uploading all images to my flickr account, so all can watch as the piece progresses.

Could you possibly put the word out on your blog? It would really be a thrill to have many, many Greenpointers out there, getting their pictures taken with her. I do not know how long the Birthday Girl will be up. It’s a pretty big piece, just begging to be torn down.

Thanks. You’re going to make this birthday one she’ll never forget!

You simply MUST run over there and take a picture with my buddy Stella! How cute is she? And I would be really sad to see anyone destroy it so come on people, be kind to the girl.


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