I’m bouncing for the weekend but there’s all this stored up stuff in my inbox that I have to get to before I go so here’s a Blog Buzz post to keep you clicking over the weekend.

The McCarren Park Pool Parties have announced additional shows. I hate those gross smelly dirty hispter fests but, I do love The Breeders. – Late Night Wallflower

The maid from The Sopranos is having her own little drama with her Williamsburg loft. “Katalin Pota, who played housekeeper Lilliana, signed an agreement last November in Brooklyn Housing Court to move out after the state Health Department stopped subsidizing her $1,300 rent in Williamsburg.” What I want to know is where is she living in a loft that only costs $1,300? – NYDN

Some drunk moron survives falling on the subway tracks under a G at Metropolitan. The serious ridiculousness? Apparently that’s the second time in a week someone’s survived. – Newsday

Eater mentions that new place Production Lounge I told ya about but with pictures. Also they’re a little slow on the uptake with the Wine Shop that’s opening up on Franklin St, too, but alas they’ve got some pictures of that joint, as well. – Eater


Alter is having a Spring Sale starting today with discounts of 20-40% off on almost everything in the store, including: Cheap Monday jeans, Takel shirts, Kitchen Orange Dresses, Schmoove shoes, Melissa shoes and more. – Alter

Last night the Department of Environmental Protection commissioner had a party to celebrate the lighting of the digester “eggs” at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Who the fuck would go to that?

Gothamist mentions the new Duane Reade on Manhattan Ave but Neighborhood Threat 11222 has the real scoop. Makes sense why those empty storefronts have been there so long. A possible high-rise on the Avenue.

You must’ve heard of the pothead sword swinging kickballer from Williamsburg who got busted in Macy’s. That’s just readin’ right there. – NYP

And eBay seller houseofmirth has this sweet little photo of 170 Newell Street from 1887.

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  1. My doctor recommended Harrico to me to fill my scripts to support the mom and pop pharmacies in the ‘hood and I gladly obliged. So the last time I went in, there were signs saying it was becoming a Duane Reade. Looks like time to shop for a new pharmacy…

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