So you know I’ve been trying to get a Greenpoint and Williamsburg Dart League to become a reality and it’s been harder than one would’ve ever thought. You have some people and bars who are waiting patiently to get it started and then others who need a little more info and help. The thing is, is I can’t do that all and so I’ve been really unsuccessful with making this happen.

I had a guy who contacted me and while he’s a nice guy, he just hasn’t been able to do the sort of follow up that getting this off the ground is going to require. And frankly I’m willing to help but doing all the running around and work is not what I had in mind.

But I have some good news. I have met with a guy who runs leagues in the Astoria and Sunnyside areas. Which being that Greenpoint and Williamsburg are closer to those areas than the previous guys locals of Bay Ridge, it seems to make more sense. This guy seems way more interested in doing what it takes to get the league off the ground and I think that with him we can really make this happen.

Right now I’m in the midst of giving him all of my contacts and letting the people that have got in touch with me that he’ll be contacting them. I thank all of you who have been interested and who have been patient – this is all new to me and hopefully with someone who’s looking to be more involved, we can really get this off the ground.

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