At the risk of you worried that we’ll turn into Williamsburg I say this: I just hate to see bikes tied to trees. If there were bike racks maybe less trees would be strangled. Yeah, I can be a bit of a hippie every now and then.

Teresa Toro is the transportation committee chair for Brooklyn Community Board #1 and is putting together some info on getting some bike racks in the hood. If you’re a pedal pusher why not take a minute and shoot her an email at teresatoro [at] yahoo [dot] com with your suggestions.

In honor of Bike Month, I’m pulling together a request list of bike rack locations.

Please ante up some Williamsburg & Greenpoint locations that you think need a bike rack. You don’t need to write the Great American Novel but I’d deeply appreciate these details:

>> Street address

>> Cross streets

>> Orientation (NW corner, SE corner, mid-block on south side, etc.)

>> Building type (pizzeria, residential building, cafe, etc.)

If you’ve got a moment, click on this link for NYC DOT CityRack program guidelines for choosing ideal bike rack locations, and for general information about the CityRack program. Then email me asap! Thanks very much for your help.

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