I just found this out and it’s horrible news. All of the neighborhood’s Catholic schools have bit the dust since I was a kid. St. Cyril’s, St. Anthony’s and now St. Cecilia’s.

“The financial situation is even bleaker than was anticipated,” said spokesman Frank DeRosa. “Regrettably the re-registration has [proved] not to be sufficient.”

The school’s budget deficit is now estimated to be $398,000 – nearly 90% more than was anticipated, said DeRosa.

Enrollment at St. Cecilia has been steadily declining. With uncertainty about its fate, only 107 students were signed up for next fall. The school now enrolls 222 students. Ten years ago, 479 attended the school.

The only one to remain open is St. Stan’s and well that’s because it’s the Polish one.

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  1. I do not see stans lasting much longer either they have 35 kids graduating this year .. They are open because of the church helping pay.
    I dj their prom every year and I have seen a decline in their attendance also.
    I am actually trying to find how to post a blog on here to get ideas for fundraisers for Cecila to keep the gym open for the kids and the sports teams .
    Priest says ok if we can pay for using the gym so we need to have fundraisers any ideas please post.

  2. Unfortunately years ago when St. Mary’s on Leonard Street was closing no one seemed to care. That was the start of it. Everyone figured as long as it wasn’t their school they didn’t care. Then it was St. Francis and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Some how OLMC was saved and became the Northside Academy. If people got more involved and fought for their children’s education and the tuition didn’t go so high, schools would still be opened.

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