The buzz around the hive…

The three Brooklyn bitches were ousted from ANTM but they rocked as hard as they could. Turns out Claire and Lauren were from Bed-Stuy and Atalya was from East Flatbush. – NYDN

The Newtown Creek “Eggs” are now digesting our um, shit. – NYT

LES bar d.b.a. is opening an outpost on the North Side and right next door The Beehive Salon is moving from Lorimer. – Brownstoner

The Brooklyn blogging community was all a flutter with news of MTV’s The Real World coming to Brooklyn for their 21st season. There are a ton of posts across the internet but the comedy gold is in the comments. Check out Gawker and Curbed for some chuckles.


Speaking of the Brooklyn Real World – where’s it gonna be? Nothing has been locked down yet according to producers but they threw around the G-word in this interview… – Urbanite

There’s a new bar with a twist coming to Franklin Street. The Production Loungeis a place were you can sit back and relax. Enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat, or just some coffee and desert and at any given time you can watch various types of entertainment going on from auditions and rehearsals, to modeling shoots and workshops. Open mic nights and jam sessions to poetry readings and scene study classes. And best of all, it will be all live and the cameras will be rolling while you watch!” Oooo voyeurism comes to The Point!

And as for new bars, I wonder what’s going to come of the Manhattan Ave joint that has a For Rent sign in the window. I passed by today and the gates were up, the door open and the lights on.

Here’s an annoying one – Brooklyn Glamour is doing some sort of Mizz Greenpoint pageant at East Coast Aliens. Who wants to place bets the crowning will most undeniably be a hipster from Montana who’s lived here about five minutes? It’s a disgrace.

The Mets sweeped the Yanks in a Subway Series cut short. With Sunday’s 11-2 win, I am officially delighted. – Newsday

This Memorial Day Weekend, the Brooklyn Bridge turns 125! And the city does a bunch of dorky shit to celebrate. But at least there will be fireworks! –

Bid on a 1915 postcard of the Public Library of Greenpoint, L.I. also known as the 94th Precint or this really spectacular car photo taken in the ‘hood around the early 50’s I would guess. – eBay

Greenpointer owns Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown. Who knew? – Washington Post

Greenpoint Hotness: My favorite part is that she’s a slash magician, too. This blog has some funny ass pics of people doing stupid ass shit. A new daily check-in for me. – Don’t Die Phone

Concrete Alchemy bombs 404 McGuinness Blvd instead of Jersey.

Williamsburg gets hit hard in the closings department by Eater this week. Vinas, Air Pizza, Gribouille and Action Burger.

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