Yes, it’s your friendly neighborhood out of work, drunken slut of a blogger! Ok, well, maybe I’m not all that friendly. Anyway, I’ve been a bit out of it the last couple of weeks – the warm weather has got me partying and drinking at all sorts of hours. Like especially happy hour… I think I’m getting to that point where close friends and family members start throwing about words like ‘intervention’ when your name comes up.

No worries, my binge is over and it’s time for me to purge a new post. Sounds lovely, no?

You know what else sounds lovely? Yummy Polish comfort food from the Polish Slavic Center. The Daily News did a story about the community cafeteria. – New York Daily News

Seems the cops caught a pedophile in our neighborhood. “Emmanuel Maldonado, 27, of Greenpoint, Brooklyn was accused of trying to arrange sex with a minor over the internet.” – NY1

There’s a new chef at Queens Hideaway, which if you’ve been taking a peek at their Yelp reviews lately, you’d agree they’ve needed one. It might be time to check this place out again if you’ve been disappointed the last few times… – Eater


There was some sort of street art / community outrage thing going on in the Nassau Ave stop regarding the infamous Greenpoint Oil Spill. – Gothamist

Crazy ass car fire on Franklin Street – complete with video! Thanks for the heads up, Tara. – This Blog Needs a Name

The “yippies” love Vinny’s pizza. – New York Daily News

And for the eBayers, there’s a cool vintage dime bank from the old Greenpoint Savings to add to your collection.

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