I got what I think is a good question from a new to the neighborhood gal. This is very important stuff folks.

Hi- I just moved to India between Franklin and Manhattan and found your blog – great info! I’ve really been enjoying it and am loving the neighborhood so far- though with my work schedule, I haven’t had time to explore on foot as much as I’d like to yet.

I wondered if you can suggest a good place nearby to get a manicure/pedicure. I saw your link to Zoe’s, but they’re all booked up and I’m looking for more of a place to just walk in and get a quickie before or after work (on my way to/fro the G)… Any thoughts?


I got this email awhile ago and I asked a few people in the ‘hood because I was actually looking for one myself but it seems that most ladies get their done near where they work (i.e. the city). So where’s a Greenpoint girl to go for a quickie? I’d appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. Thanks for posting my question and thanks for the comments…Sadly, B&E has been booked every time I’ve called to get an appt. these last several days, and Zoe’s is perpetually booked. Is there nowhere in G’point you can just walk in? Someone needs to open one!

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