Today’s a solemn day and every year it seems less and less people remember.

Only six years later and it’s treated as any other day by most New Yorkers. Some even get annoyed when you mention it, as if bringing it up is ‘dwelling on the past’. I remember that day and I remember my friends who were lucky to be alive, the ones who walked over the 59th Street Bridge and through LIC to get home.

We shouldn’t forget. And we shouldn’t act like it’s any other day. It’s not. It’s the anniversary of what most of my generation of New Yorkers should view as the worst tragedy to happen during our lifetime. I knew only two of those who died, and I hadn’t seen either of them in years before that horrible day, but just to have been ever so slightly touched by this disaster hurts.

I have respect for every single firefighter, police officer and emergency worker that died on that day and to all those who survived. To think that these peoples jobs are to put themselves in harms way for the rest of us is just humbling. It’s become cliché to say so, but they truly are heroes.

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