The Daily News reports on the rise in bicycle related accidents in Greenpoint and Williamsburg this morning. And I’m actually happy to see that the stance is on the side of the motorist.

I see these people on bicycles all over the place and the fact is they don’t watch where the fuck they’re going. This ain’t the wide open spaces of Kansas where you, Toto and your vintage Schwinn can pick daisies and put them in your basket. This is a city for God’s sake. And you riding halfway in the street up Manhattan Ave on Saturday afternoon like your riding through the meadow is fucking absurd.

And I really don’t appreciate you chaining your shit to the poor skinny ass trees that have a hard enough time growing among the pollution and toxic oil spill soil. Half of you wouldn’t even eat an egg that wasn’t free range and delivered via a midwife yet you’ll strap your bike to living thing with a chain that weighs more than you.

Get a brain people.

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