Staten Island Landfill?
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I’m not sure how many of you have heard of FreeCycle or not but I think it’s a fantastic idea. A few years ago when I was living in Staten Island (yeah don’t shoot me I lived there and I actually liked it), I happened upon the FreeCycle website. They have one for every area you could really imagine. It’s kind of like a Craigslist but everything is free!

I offered up my lime green velvety soft 70’s chair that first time, surprisingly (no, SHOCKINGLY!) no one took it. I loved that chair it was the coolest shit since sliced bread. But it was Staten Island and the average age of the population could probably remember buying that chair.

So when I moved back to Brooklyn I was kind of excited to check out the local FreeCycle and on the first day I spotted a “wanted” post that I was able to fill. It was a woman asking for a blender cup and blade. Ya know, the top to the bottom. I actually had one and it was even the nice older glass version as opposed to the cheap ass plastic one. My father forced it on me last time I was there since he didn’t want to just throw it away (God forbid). I took it and I didn’t realize that I didn’t even have a freaking blender anymore. The only reason I ever had one was for frozen margaritas anyway.

I emailed her, she responded, I gave her my number, she called and picked it up. Easy, breezy. And it made me feel good to give this stupid blender cup to someone who actually needed it and would make it a useful piece of appliance again. She was delighted that it was the glass version, too.

I’ve browsed FreeCycle looking for some things I might be able to use. I spied a garment rack on there and thought of GG who was just looking for one but then I realized it was posted in May.


Most of the stuff people are giving away are the kinds of things that you might need. Small things, pot holders and old baby clothes. Occasionally you’ll spy furniture or maybe even something really great like a vintage ladies bicycle with a cute basket already attached and you won’t be bale to take advantage of the offer because you have no where to store a bicycle – which sucks. But in the end I’m sure it went to someone who deserved it and needed it so I don’t feel that bad about it.

It’s good karma to give things away to someone who needs it and it’s great to not have to just throw something in the garbage when it’s perfectly usable, but you just don’t have a use for it anymore. Not that I’m a tree huggin’ hippie on the Al Gore train or anything but it’s nice not to make more landfills.

And remember, I lived in Staten Island – I know landfills.

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