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Can’t say there was anything interesting done this weekend in the ‘hood. I didn’t have tickets to the Sonic Youth concert at McCarren Pool and may the hipsters strike me dead, but I’ve never really been a fan of them.

GG moved into her new place this weekend. Stress, misery and jumper cables aside I think the place is fantastic and once she gets settled I’m convinced she’ll be happier than she’s been in awhile – living arrangement wise anyway. That plasma screen TV is enough to make me giddy with delight and I don’t even live there.

I’m feeling more comfortable in my own place lately. I have not seen a waterbug or roach in two whole weeks. I haven’t gotten a bed yet because I’m terrified of the bedbug epidemic that is supposedly going on in my building. I get lovely little propaganda slid under my door stating so and personally, that freaks the fuck out of me.

I had my old bed and mattress since I was sixteen so when I moved out of my last place I decided it would be time to purchase a new set wherever I landed. Granted I would like a a nice simple wooden platform bed and conventional mattress as opposed to the twin size AeroBed on the floor I’m sleeping on now but I’m seriously at a loss as to what to purchase.

If I buy a conventional mattress is it going to be riddled with flesh-eating mites? If I purchase the stylish college dorm / ghetto guest room “raised” AeroBedis it really going to deter them? Maybe I can buy a normal mattress and have them keep it in the plastic. That might be the best idea since it will help with my drunken bedwetting incidents that especially hard nights of alcohol can do to me.


I should be put in a home.

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  1. having a bed isn’t really necessary to have bed bugs. they curl up and sleep for months in floorboards and anywhere really. what are they doing in your building to get rid of them? if they don’t take care of it fast enough, maybe you could get a rent reduction or something

    i had bed bugs a few years ago on norman ave. it really really freaked me out. like panic attack freak out. but it helped to realize that all they do is suck blood. they’re basically mosquitoes who live inside. without any chance of having west nile.

    anyway, i hope i didn’t make anything worse by talking about the bedbugs. good luck!

  2. Thankfully (knocking on wood) I don’t seem to actually have bedbugs. At least I don’t seem or feel them and I do check regularly out of sheer paranoia.

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