Sit Down! Vogue’s (For Real) GIRLS Guide to Greenpoint

I’ll just go ahead and say it – Vogue created a GIRLS Guide to Greenpoint.

(Take a minute to rejoice, laugh, barf, or cry.)

Did you know that Cafe Grumpy is a “real place”? There “you can peck away at your literary masterpiece on your MacBook Pro while hoping to meet a hot divorced doctor with a brownstone. (Good luck with that.)”

Yeah good luck because doesn’t Vogue know that all the hot doctors who have the time to drink cappuccinos in Greenpoint don’t live in Brownstones – they live in aluminum siding houses. NA DOY!

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Cake Hero Melissa Torres Dishes on Her Love for Fellow Greenpoint Bakers, Sugar Flowers & Baking for Vogue


It’s not everyday you meet a baker so extraordinary she goes by the name “Cake Hero.” One look at the treats Melissa Torres has masterminded and you’ll understand why the name suits her. As owner of the online shop Cake Hero, Torres spends her days creating, baking, and decorating an abundance of sweet treats out of the comfort of her Greenpoint home. She bakes everything from candies to elaborate cakes that are specially ordered by a variety of clientele. In addition to baking for friends and family, Torres has designed cakes for the likes of Cartier, Nickelodeon and most recently Vogue.

I had the chance to ask Melissa a few questions about how she got started and how she caught such a major fashion magazine’s attention.

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