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Late Night with Amelia Robinson and Lesley Kernochan

“It’s lucky for me I have a friend / Who’s soul can usually transcend / The way we all nervously defend / The things we think we know / So I step into the boxing ring / It’s Gandhi vs. Comfortable Living / And all of a sudden I start to sing my new favorite mantra / Do it because you Love it, and for no other reason.” Lesley Kernochan’s full-bodied lyrics and whippy hooks in “My Giant Jar” is just one example of the funky grooves from her sophomore album The Pickle Jar.

On Sunday, March 13 at 10pm, she shares the bill with Amelia Robinson at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St.). “I met Amelia right when I moved to NYC and I’ve had a friend crush on her ever since. We are delighted to keep jumping into fresh musical ideas together,” says the guitar picking Kernochan about ukulele strumming Robinson on her Daylight Saving Show Facebook page. I asked them some questions about their music and the upcoming show.

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