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Call For Artists: Northside Festival (Deadline 5/15)

Submit your art to Northside Art at Williamsburg Walks, which takes place June 15th 3-8pm (N8th- N9th Bedford Ave) & June 16th Viewing Party @ Acme Studios Noon- 6pm (63 N3rd).

 Deadline: May 15th, 2013

Temporary wall units, interactive installations and sculptures will be staggered throughout the block for live painting performances, graffiti and other participation oriented works. In addition to the installations there will be a variety of related activities to engage in and pop up parks. All works created during the event will be on display during a viewing party held the next day at Acme Studios (65. N3rd St) from noon-6pm.

Northside Art is seeking proposals for:

1. live painting/graffiti/collage

2. interactive installations/workshops

3. sculpture/stand alone installations
Send all submissions and questions to varneyvictoria (at)

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Enid’s Snowflake Making Party : Jump Started My Holiday Cheer

Last evening while waiting for a friend (to go canvas Xmas tree stands for Greenpointers) I popped into Enids to grab a Hot Toddy.

The bar tender served me up my yummy hot beverage plus a stack of paper and scissors. It was Enid’s Annual Snowflake Making Party! As I sat there and tried my best to be artistic (and not not cut my fingers off) I couldn’t believe how perfect a situation I was in before going to interview Xmas tree salesman. If I wasn’t in the holiday spirit before, this Christmas-y overload was gonna snap me into gear.

After living in Greenpoint for almost 4 years, I am so happy I finally (randomly) made it to an Enid’s decorating party.

Yeah for bars’n’crafts!

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