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So New York Portraits of The Bronx’s Orchard Beach by Photographer Wayne Lawrence

I flipped when I saw these “so new york!” portraits from photographer Wayne Lawrence of Orchard Beach AKA The Bronx Riviera via Tree House Brooklyn’s Facebook.

Originally posted on Agnostica:

Wayne Lawrence is a St.Kitts born documentary fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work represents a visual diary of his life’s journey and focuses on his relationship to communities otherwise overlooked by mainstream media.

See the rest of these awesome portraits.

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The world is random; so is Greenpointers. The obsessive collector in me cannot keep my hands off any and all cool looking business cards that I find in coffee shops, art galleries, bars and those handed to meet when I meet new folks. I have a nerdy binder with laminated slots where I keep them, but since that has filled up I stuff everything into this pickle jar. Like a lot of organizational disasters in my life, it is one of the many elephants in the room of things I need to go through. I earnestly pocket these cards because they are attractive to me and I want to check them out.
Enter the new weekly post: “Pick a Card” in which I randomly pick a business card, show it to you, and tell you all about it.
This may sound boring, but this isn’t the “Leave a Business Card for Free Lunch” raffle jar you find in an overpriced deli in Midtown. This jar is filled with some of the most innovative and creative new companies, organizations, artists and musicians, all people who live in our neighborhood.
Another column I want to do regularly is a weekly featured Greenpoint artist, so I am killing two birds with one stone here. I am psyched that the first card I pulled is artist/photographer Caroline Burghardt. Aside from personally loving her work, the timing is great because on Saturday she is working on her Pastoral Dreams photo project up in the Bronx at the Andrew Freeman Home, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! Check out the facebook invitation for more info.

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Greenpoint Column, Doors to the Bronx

If you ever do leave Greenpoint, check out Greenpoint artist Gabriela Salazar’s public project For Closure (Outdoors, the Bronx), freshly installed at the Bronx’s West Farms Sq train station on East Tremont ave. A towering stack of cards made from locally found doors, For Closure illustrates current and ongoing fragility in security and housing while fitting in surprisingly well with its local surroundings. The sheer prefab modularity of the work might have most passerby thinking it a relic of local sixties or seventies urban landscape design.

Monumental and ambitious, Salazar’s new construction furthers a body of work that questions the faith and assumption of architectural structure and support. The Greenpointer was able to talk with Salazar about her last project for The Build Up at Greenpoint’s own Fowler Art’s Collective.

The Specifics of Gabriela Salazar

With the infamous white cube dissolving into the narrative of the real world, artists and exhibitors are exploiting the dialogue found between lively work and worldly surroundings. It was modernism that insisted on hermetic environments. Art today is less autonomous than it has been in over a hundred years and the fresh air continues to invigorate post-profane practices. Continue reading

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