And I Thought We Were Neighbors! Ethel’s Brew is a PR Scam

The email started out like this:

“Hi Justine,

I am writing to you today to introduce you to Ethel’s Brew (, created by my 80-year-old grandmother – the eponymous Ethel – who is a Williamsburg native and is launching a beer brand that had its inception in our basement…”

I clicked on the press link, and it took me to a page that listed a Kingsland Ave address – which is in Greenpoint and right down the block from Greenpointers HQ. The website was over the top with Peggy Bundy cheetah patterns, Queens-style hot pink nails, crazy Grandma bling and an overly styled old bag drinking beer alongside her “Ethelisms” funny quotations like: “Old friends are like old boobs, even if we’re far away, we’re still connected.” Too good to be true? Yes. Continue reading

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