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Intensati @ Human@Ease Tonight!

Tonight and every Wednesday at 8pm, a very fun and talented friend of mine is teaching a new class called IntenSati at Human@Ease. Elina is passionate about IntenSati, a this new workout method that combines “high-energy aerobics, martial arts, yoga and strength conditioning,” along with “spoken affirmations.”

Elina has been raving about Intensati for the past two years and said that one of her goals was to teach it. So I did what I do best, plantonic and professional matchmaking (I don’t touch the romantic stuff).

I introduced Elina to Dishan, owner and trainer/life coach at Human@Ease, where I work out weekly. I knew that if I put these two ladies together, their boat would sail off into fitness/self-improvement heaven.

I am so proud and happy that Elina is in Greenpoint, doing what she does best, which in her professional life is enabling people to discover and pursue their dreams through a company called Dream Careers, Inc. Now time it’s for Elina’s dream to come true and share the benefits of fitness and wellness with you.

Join IntenSati with Elina tonight at 8pm, which promises “you will leave class feeling stronger, uplifted and inspired.” For $10, that is a steal!

31 Nassau Ave

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I ran into Liz, a fellow Greenpointer yesterday while working out at Human@Ease. She said, “you’re the reason why I came here!” That makes me feel all sweet and mushy inside. You know how I feel about Human@Ease. The place rocks, my workout routine rocks, and I feel great working out for only one half hour per week. Plus I am able to give my boyfriend a piggyback ride, now! Human@Ease has a sweet deal going on now. Like one in which you can save over $100!
Choose from Three Options:
$25 for two 30-minute personal-training sessions (a $130 value)
$45 for four 30-minute personal-training sessions (a $260 value)
$65 for six 30-minute personal-training sessions (a $390 value)

Personal trainers acquaint guests with strength-training machines and guide muscles through fluid conditioning exercises during 30-minute sessions.

Click here to get in on this sweet deal!

31 Nassau Ave.

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