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A Greenpoint-Based Web Series Shows Us Anxiety is Normal: Jason Hood’s “Iris vs. Anxiety”


We’ve all had that moment on the platform when we just couldn’t take it anymore. The G train wasn’t just late — it was non-existent. As in, its existence was doubted by anyone who took the train after 10:00 a.m. and before 3:00 p.m. You were so late to your class/art modeling gig/poor excuse for a job, you started having thoughts about jumping on the train tracks with the rats just to alleviate the pain of your broke life.

To add insult to injury, once you got on the G, the man next to you was jamming so hard on his headphones that his flailing appendages were certainly very definitely in your personal space. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Elvis! “Giving Up Redheads” (Music Video!)

Today is Elvis’ birthday! Bandleader of Leland Sundries and Greenpointer Nick Eaton sent me this music video of the song “Giving Up Redheads” starring Burlesque Dancer and Actress Lindsay Naas aka Vicky Sin paired with a Long Island-based Elvis impersonator by the name of RELVIS aka Randy Mancini. Directed by Jim Turner, this video is a toast to the king! The video is fun and silly and it’s shot in Greenpoint. The song is totally diggable, too. Below is a song all about Greenpoint called “Monitor Arms,” inspired by the big fire of 2006. Enjoy!

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