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Closed: Papacitos

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What else is new, right? Papacitos (999 Manhattan Ave) is closed – again. We think this time it’s for good.

I talked to two of owner Cody Utzman’s former employees who said that “all the staff at Papacitos was let go” and that owner Cody “changed his cell” and is “no where to be found.” Rumor has it that he owes “thousands upon thousands” in back rent and to suppliers.

While we have been through the closing and reopening of Papacitos in the past, it seems like it will stick this time given that Cody’s other two Greenpoint businesses have also changed hands. Earlier this year Brooklyn Standard (188 Nassau Ave) was taken over by local deli owners who, I was told by a Nassau Ave tipster, will be opening a second location on Grand St “any day now.” And Cafe Royal was reopened a few weeks ago as Cafe Edna (195 Nassau Ave) by new owners who wish to remain anonymous and changed the name in an effort to disassociate it from negatives vibes that may have been attached to Royal.

While she was not available to comment, one of Cody’s Papacitos ex-partners Kat McEldowney’s facebook status read: “Who wants to run a restaurant in Greenpoint? I’m serious.”

Update: A reader just sent us this photo that shows that the Board of Health also paid Papacitos a visit.

Do you think Papacitos will live again? Will you miss it? What do you envision opening in the former Papacitos spot? Another Mexican joint?

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