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Suite Pieces: The Patron Saints of Home DIY

 If you’re looking to add some punchy new wares to your dwelling and not burn through your wallet, the new home goods boutique, Suite Pieces (162 Huron St), is the latest addition to Greenpoint.

The cozy locale has vintage furniture and DIY supplies to give that unique feel to your pad. The products are meticulously curated from vintage card cases, glassware, to reworked tables, chairs, and bureaus. A painted vintage mirror runs $95 while vintage glasses were a few bucks.

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Architect Ole Sondresen Designs Kickstarter Greenpoint HQ (Short Film)

Margarita Jimeno made this short documentary on architect Old Sondresen who is designing the Kickster HQ on Kent St in Greenpoint. His sustainable design is using 100% reused and recycled materials, then putting an inverted glass box inside of the building in order to create light and a sense of nature in our otherwise “dirty” city. Materials in the construction such as post-recycled denim are so healthy you can eat them, according to Sondreson. With the proposed Greenpoint Landing coming to town, hopefully the new Kickstarter building won’t be an exception but an example of the eco-friendly (and edible!) possibilities for design in North Brooklyn.

Ole Sondresen – The Architect’s Ingredients from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

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