Pics: Last Night’s Epic Double Rainbow Over Greenpoint

Greenpoint rainbow, looking towards Morgan Avenue
Greenpoint double rainbow, looking towards Morgan Avenue. Photo: Megan Penmann

Last night’s brief and intense coming-of-Gozer/it’s-a-twister storm treated North Brooklyn with a magical double rainbow dessert course. Check out our favorite Instagram photos of the scene after the jump.

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Sunday Snaps: Land of A Thousand Rainbows

On the evening of July 3rd, a rainbow was photographed from infinite angles in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – Land of a Thousand Raindows! This happens every year around this time and it’s always magical.

Thanks to the following Instagram friends for taking these gorgeous photos – and tagging them “greenpoint”!

@aldana19, @nykner89, @candywonny, @newer42, @kdw68, @__meli07__, @robtennant, @anyzio24, @jkfood, @bryangardnerphotography, @india209, @boygirlmagazine, @kristenbillie, @pentachrome, @nonformat, @iammorganh, @terrencegerard, @eliotbk, @janeypinks, @violetshuraka, @ahntay, @samavecchia, @judith_prieth, @bitchcakes, @bullandlion, @aldana19, @donk4k, @travelingshears

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Sometimes gloomy skies turn upside down and a beautiful rainbow appears. The below are two rainbows taken about a year apart from my bedroom window on Kingsland Ave. Lots of other Greenpointers shared the same rainbows on Instagram from all different angles. I love that. In addition to photos taken from the Greenpointers Flickr pool, I want to include photos from our Instagram buddies, too. Follow us on Instagram and tag us @greenpointers or tag the photo #greenpointers for any photos you would like to be shared on the website. Enjoy this gorgeous day! 

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