How Racist is Greenpoint?

Sticker Found in Greenpoint

We recently received a somewhat disturbing email from a reader. Local Greenpointer, Sabrina Stein, was walking home on Calyer Street last week in the late afternoon with her headphones on, when something out of the ordinary happened.

Here is her story:

I saw an old lady walking towards me who seemed to be speaking and appeared a bit distraught. I turned off my music thinking maybe she was lost and needed directions. As I walked closer to her, I heard that she was yelling at me: “YOU ARE BROWN, GET OUT OF THIS NEIGHBORHOOD, YOU HAVE BROWN EYES AND BROWN SKIN, YOU ARE HISPANIC, WE DONT WANT YOU HERE. Continue reading

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Intolerant to Hipster Hatred on Facebook

Greenpointers’ facebook page will no longer be being used as a hate page for so called, “hipsters.” There is always room for joking and light hearted fun, but explicitly violent comments, for example in response to the “Casting Call For Hipsters” poster will be reported as abuse, which may affect your facebook account status.
Some of the disgusting comments included:
John: “In local news, 200 people artists, baristas, and other creative types between the ages of 19 and 34 were found dead in Midtown this morning. More on this story as it develops.”
Pete: “What a great place to throw a grenade.”
Chris: “Brooklyn Yuppie Killer….pay for one get another dirtbag knocked off for free…….1800-Break-a-Hip.”
This is three out of hundreds of comments that have been specifically blocked for this type of language.
When I reported these comments as abuse and clicked on the “Hate Speech or Personal Attack” drop-down, there was no line for hipsters, baristas, creatives, yuppies, etc.”
Discrimination and outright violence toward a group of people, who cannot be defined by race, gender, religious affiliation is still a form prejudice and will not be tolerated in the Greenpointers community.

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