Weekend Music: The Andy Travis Shearling Coat (9/23 – 9/25)

Semi-secret show alert!   Our favorite creepy-looking Aussie Alex Cameron is playing Aviv tonight (9/23) at 9:30. It just got announced yesterday by the club. In case you are not familiar with his work, he lays lounge singer sleaze over retro synth sounds.

And the ugliness is actually a makeup job, to help him get in character.

Elsewhere this weekend, there’s SNL’s Maya Rudolph performing with her Prince tribute band, The Levellers and John the Martyr in town, and filthy soul 45’s to sing along to at Our Wicked Lady. Continue reading

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Weekend Music: Blitzed in the Chair (8/5 – 8/7)

It’s a weird weekend for music, with a lot of local name bands playing the East End or upstate.

Their fans are probably laying out some fancy picnic basket on a lawn to hear them somewhere, with champagne and brie. Man, we’ve turned into those Manhattan classical music types, just with brattier music.

But a comfy chair on a lawn with champagne and brie mmm yeah that works for me why let the rich people have an exclusive on the good life.

If you wait to leave until tomorrow morning, there’s tons going on tonight (8/5), from a Purple Rain twisted ‘n screwed screen edit in Williamsburg, to live piano with aerial dancers in Bushwick, and rock and punk at Gutter Bar.

And the Greenpoint club Aviv is active both Saturday and Sunday night, hosting a Latin Punk showcase/zine grab/panel discussion. Continue reading

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Weekend Music: Heavy Drama Zone (5/6 – 5/8)

According to the New York tabloids, this week Anna Wintour had her celebrity-filled Met Gala. This year’s theme was technology.

Of course, as befitting Wintour, the show had a more formal title, Manus x Machina. For spins and giggles say that three times stoned.

Claire Danes at the Met Gala.

I have no problem with Ms. Wintour, a classically trained journalist, or decadence in general. Even better than no problem, I love them both.

Which is why I’m piss stinking mad that every single celebrity down to the number showed up in something that had nothing to do with the theme. Except Claire Danes, who was radiant in her fiber-optic getup.

This weekend’s music picks highlights musicians who actually know how to do costume drama right. There’s a Prince music video dance memoriam at Rough Trade, trucker country and rockabilly at Skinny Dennis, and a rapping female version of Michael Quattlebaum Jr. at Good Room. Continue reading

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