Nail Art, Greenpoint the Song, CSA Art Shares?, Hynosis in the Hood, Poor Doors Wars –The Hook-Up 8/26

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

Apparently nail art is high art these days. (Blouin Art Info)

Indie Rockers, Bridges And Powerlines, have a new song called “Greenpoint

CSAs for Art. The business model works great for squash and peaches, but sculptures? (The L Magazine)

Greenpoint girls are voluntarily getting hypnotized. (Bedford & Bowery)

Developers are creating “Poor Doors” for the affordable housing segments of the abominable waterfront properties planned in our neighborhood.

Joe Lentol is proposing stiffer sentencing for home invaders.

And finally, people are having really nice weddings inside abandoned-looking Greenpoint warehouses.

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$3.75 Million Condo, BK Mag Hates & Loves on GP, Mayoral Debate, No Light, No Lycra, The Elm – The Hook-Up 8/19

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

• If you have $3.75 million – you can buy this Greenpoint Condo on West St (Brownstoner)

• Kicking us while we’re down, the Brooklyn Magazine reported on a poll that ranked Greenpoint “just below East New York for perceptions of class and safety” based on Google Street View images – then took it back to say how fabulous we are.

• Missed the Mayoral Debate? “Watch Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, Bill Thompson, John Liu and Anthony Weiner (but not Sal Albanese) tell each other how wrong they are about everything” (Brokelyn)

• Tour of Newtown Creek with Mitch Waxman, “The EPA estimates it one of the dirtiest waterways in the country.” (Times News Weekly)

For the Love of Greenpoint Food (Eat Boutique)

• Weekly dancing in the dark party – No Lights No Lycra – in the Daily News

• On The Elm, new restauarant in King and Grove Hotel, “the Elm, with its emphasis on complex, precisely composed dishes, seems more like the geeky smart kid cocky in the knowledge that his S.A.T. scores precede him. (New Yorker)

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Lab Burger, Chicken Adoption, Bedwick, Dukbo, McCarren Park Ice Skating! The Hook-Up (8/12)

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

• Do you have love in your heart and room in your home to adopt a – CHICKEN? (Epoch Times)

• Lab grown burger in London didn’t taste so great, and took 2 years and $325,000 to make! (NY Times)

• Bedwick: “No matter how much any reasonable person howls, real estate hustlers are always trying to think of new names for Brooklyn neighborhoods.” (Brokelyn)

• “I’m literally paid to look at beautiful girls — how hard is that?” Chat with Pumps Barback (Bedford and Bowery)

• Shine off your ice skates – rink posibly coming to McCarren Park Pool (GWAPP)

• “Operation Snow Cone” Ice Cream truck sold drug pops! (NY Post)

• Historical DUKBO – “down under the Kosciuszko Bridge onramp”  (Queens Brownstoner)

Brokleyn interviews Booklyn’s Ariana Misfelt, Maya Taylor and Aimee Lusty about the 24 hour Zine Challenge (Video)

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Pregnant Woman Held Up at McCarren, Brewery Coming, Ospreys, Domino Sold, Hipster Hating, Hipster Coloring Book, Green Design Competition: The Hook-Up 10/20

• Pretty scary: Pregnant Mom Mugged At Gunpoint While Pushing Stroller In McCarren Park (Gothamist)

• A Brewery / Restaurant is coming to the Greenpoint Waterfront from our friends at Brouwerij Lane (DNA Info)

• Would it be cool to have osprey platform’s on the East River? Jamaica Bay has Ospreys  (Queens NYC)

Domino Sugar Sold, Affordable Housing in Question (Gothamist)

• Marketing Stunt By Hipster Haters Doesn’t Result in Hipster Beating (Brokelyn)

Hipster Coloring Book – Really (Brooklyn Paper)

Backwords Video from Greenpointers CMJ Showcase  (Free Williamsburg)

• Golly We Need a Greener City; Green City Design Competition (Good)

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The Hook-Up 6/16

Via Happy Place

• FunnyOrDie: The 12 Best Signs Outside Restaurants from Ace of Base – Vinnie’s Makes the Cut Via Happy Place
• Village Voice: The Top Ten DIY Venues In New York City
• The Real Deal: Brooklyn Real Estate Summit: More Hotels in North Brooklyn
• DNAinfo: City Admits it Has No Concrete Plan for Promised Waterfront Space
• Brokleyn: You can hitch a free ride to Rockaway Beach this weekend
• The Epoch Times: Finding Nature Next to Newtown Creek
• Sunnyside Post: Sunnysider Produces Documentary About Jamaica Bay’s Environmental Struggles

© Jake Dobkin/Gothamist

• Gothamist Photos: A Sneak Peek At The New McCarren Park Pool!
• Free Williamsburg: Northside Festival Guide
• Alter Debut Collection Coming Soon
• Brooklyn Vegan: RSVP for House of Vans Rapture/Tanlines Show
• FREEwilliamsburg: The Best Bars In Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick

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The Hook-Up (5/5)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

• Super Moon 
• Instructable: Greenhouse From Old Windows
• LMag: Big Art Fairs
• Brooklyn Skillshare: How To Run a Business as an Artist
• Brooklyn Cruiser: Bike Tips from Silk Road Cycles
• Brooklyn Based: Party in The Point
• Summerscreen Schedule
• Bushwick Daily: The Occupy Bushwick May Day Morning Commute
• Grub Street: New Bar Beloved Opens on Manhattan Ave
• Improv Everywhere: Instant Date
• Brokleyn: Brooklyn Bridge Park Free Movie Schedule

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