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A/D/O to Host Public Forum on Partial L-Train Shutdown (2/19)

How can we use the L train shutdown to inspire change around sustainable mobility in New York and the greater world? That’s the question that will be explored at ReversaL: A Public Forum on The Partial Shutdown of The L-Train, that’s scheduled at A/D/O (29 Norman Ave.) on Tue, Feb. 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 8: 30 p.m. Admission to the public forum is free and you can RSVP here.

Many unknowns remain since Gov. Cuomo intervened last month with the plan to shut down the L train for 15 – 18 months between Manhattan and Brooklyn to make way for construction on the Canarsie Tunnel, which was severely damaged during Superstorm Sandy. As the MTA board awaits approval of the new L train remedy, service will be suspended for nighttime and weekend commuters.

Representatives from the public and private sector will speak at the forum exploring alternative transportation methods and remedies and the list of guests includes Greg Lindsay, urbanist in residence at URBAN-X; Rodrigo Bautista, principal change designer at Forum for the Future; Scott Kubly, chief programs officer at LimeBike; Benjamin Solotaire, community organizer in North Brooklyn and director of participatory budgeting for Council Member Stephen Levin; Toby Moskovits, CEO at Heritage Equity Partners and mop

More guests may be announced ahead of the event, which will also be available to watch on the URBAN-X YouTube Channel shortly after the talk.

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The L-Pocalypse is Nigh: Attend These Open House Meetings to Ask Honest Questions


As part of their plan to engage our extremely concerned local community, the MTA and the NY DOT will be holding an open house meeting on the L train shutdown next Wednesday, January 24th. Last month, the MTA released their plans for the 15-month shutdown of the L line (starting in 2019), to the chagrin of many residents—who felt that what they’ve got in store (more buses, bike lanes, among other things) is simply not enough to fulfill needs of the 200k+ riders who use the line to travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day.

Here are the details for the meeting if you wish to air your grievances or ask hard questions:
WHAT: Canarsie Tunnel Open House
WHEN: Weds, Jan 24, 5pm-8pm
WHERE: Progress High School | 850 Grand Street

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