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Spotlight: John Reardon of Greenpoint Tattoo Company Talks Shop

John Reardon, owner of GPTC, busy at work ©John Reardon

John Reardon is getting ready to tattoo a woman in her mid-twenties when I arrive early at the Greenpoint Tattoo Company for our interview. It is a Saturday afternoon, and a cheery song by Of Montreal is playing over the speakers. The walls are covered in framed prints of tattoos, and a book by Reardon on the subject rests near a stack of Vice magazines. The woman has brought along a guy friend for moral support, but the process goes so quickly that she doesn’t even have time to grimace.

After a few moments, the woman gets up to check her arm in the mirror, proclaims the tattoo to be “awesome,” and leaves to meet friends for brunch at Slick Willie a few blocks away. Since John’s schedule is packed today, with another appointment in fifteen minutes, I turn on my recorder and we dive right into the questions. Continue reading

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Greenpoint Tattoo Co.

The Bored Vegetarian tweeted me a tasty tip this morning that she spied a tattoo shop going into the old Fred Flare store on Meserole.

John Reardon is opening the Greenpoint Tattoo Co! This Friday, July 15 from 7pm to 11pm will be the sneak preview / friends and family opening. And on Saturday July 16th for the official open for tattoos day. They’ll be taking walk-ins but just in case, you might want to call for an appointment first.

Greenpoint Tattoo Co.
131 Meserole Ave

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